P3 Innovations Conference
June 21, 2021

Join us for our online P3 Innovations conference, and hear from more than 40 speakers, gain new insight from leaders, collaborate with peers and experience virtual tours. You'll get an inside look at the P3 approach – People, Places and Programming – and learn how they intersect to support all students in reaching their full potential.

By bringing together robust training and programming that emphasizes academic rigor and mental health support, you can better address the complexities within Settings III/IV, Levels C/D and similarly intensive special education programs.

P3 Innovations Highlights

  • Panel Discussion with LSE Architects ...
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  • Doorprize Alerts: Free Consultations ...
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  • Gain Insight From BWBR Architects ...
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  • Tour at Your Own Pace ...
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  • Learn Together as a Team ...
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  • Tour Pankalo Education Center ...
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  • Register Today for the 2021 P3 Innovatio ...
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  • Going Virtual for Real World Results ...
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Superintendent's Message

Join us online for this one-of-a-kind conference. You'll hear from our staff as well as other specialists in education, architecture and more.

Connie Hayes


What is the P3 Approach? 


Hiring, training and retaining special education practitioners are key to fulfilling the needs of students and communities.


The physical spaces where educators and students interact can have a big impact on learning.


The thoughtful implementation of student-centered, high quality, research-based practices designed with intentional flexibility to support each student’s ability to thrive.